On April 14, 2019, several men and women who are serving in non-pastoral leadership positions were put forward for potential ordination (or re-ordination) as deacons of Vertical Church. In an effort to pursue a more biblical and transparent model of church leadership, we (the elders) are asking for congregational feedback, whether positive or negative, before the candidates are put back before the congregation for congregational affirmation and ordination by the elders.

If you’re unsure what a deacon is at Vertical Church, please view the document linked here (PDF). Each candidate has agreed to the expectations and standards contained within it.

So that all feedback is properly organized, documented and discussed, we are using an online form to receive this feedback. While individual conversations with the pastors may be somewhat effective, this form is the best way to ensure your feedback is understood and discussed appropriately.

Thank you for investing your time and energy into giving feedback for our deacon candidates.

Deacon Candidates:

  • Jordan Prins - Prayer Team

  • Krystal Sadler - Giving & Finances

  • Nancy Allen - Hospitality Team

  • Dave Spain - Usher Team

  • Josh Sadler - Connection Team

  • Dale Jackowski - Media Team

  • Josh Haynes - Sound Team

  • Ashley Brown - Creative Team

  • Jonathan Mears - Setup/Teardown Team

  • Anthony Bizzaro - Outreach

  • Joe Hall - Children’s Ministry

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing feedback concerning our church’s deacon candidates! The window for offering feedback on our deacon candidates was closed on 5/18/2019. However, if you have urgent feedback, please send an email to